School, kindergartens, counsellor and parents – making contacts and cooperative relationship
Dr. Petra Mrvar

Summary:  In the article, we are dealing with the question of co-operation between counsellors and parents. In the first part, we introduce the issues, characteristics and meaning of the co-operation between school, kindergarten (teachers, pre-school teachers) and home (parents), focusing on the counsellors´ role. In the second part, we represent a part of the research »The state and the perspectives of the co-operation between counsellors and parents«, which is a part of a larger project about the co-operation between school and home. According to the results, we can be satisfied with the relationship and the co-operation between counsellors and parents, which refers mostly to already settled ways and areas of co-operation. We focus on the ways and forms of co-operation which would be worth considering in counsellors´ practice.

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