Counselling needs for parents at their six year olds´ admission to school
Tina Kaltenekar

Summary:  The purpose of the article is to show the importance of considering another detailed getting to know school novices and finding out their readiness for school since school counsellors, as well as parents, notice that the present way of admitting children into the first class is not the most suitable. We wanted to study what attention had been paid by professionals to getting to know children, their individual characteristics and social environment even before entering the school, in the previous century. In our practice, in the last few years, we have traced inequality and insecurity of school counsellors at children’s registration and admission to school. We would like to emphasize the importance of Action – school novices, today already forgotten and »covered with dust«, in connection to future First-formers. On the basis of professional experience and work with school novices´ parents we find out that it is necessary to cope with the question in what way, with what instruments, how and when to carry out getting to know children and finding out their readiness for school equally in all primary schools.

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