The efficacy of school pedagogue´s assistance to home-class teachers by means of supervision
Dr. Tatjana Ažman

Summary:  The text represents post-modern society, school and recently changed - teacher’s and student’s role as a wider frame of needs for life-learning of all participants, teachers as well as students. In addition, it shows also different approaches to teacher’s supplementary education, especially the supervision model, de.ning the relationship between counselling, therapy and supervision. It studies the developmental educative model of supervision, in which in the period 2001 – 2004, under the direction of a counsellor pedagogue, three groups of home class teachers from Gimnazija Vič co-operated. By means of a case study in the active research, it was researched what the conditions at school and supervision groups were in the beginning of supervision. Besides following the learning process, they analysed the effects from the participant’s point of view as well as from the point of view of three groups, school and also students. The results showed that supervision has several different advantages in teachers´ education, especially when referring to their educative – pedagogical task.

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