The Significance of Feedback for the Creation of a Student’s Portfolio at a Secondary Technical School
Branka Ribič Hederih

Summary:  In the Slovenian school space considerations and research related to the dilemmas of evaluation, examination and assessment are quite extensive and rich. Since the subject is always topical, we can speak of a continuum of studying these types of dilemmas. However, this is at the theoretical level and there is a different situation in practice. While the originality of applying various methods and introducing novelties is outstanding, there is a different situation when it comes to the introduction of changes in the .elds of evaluation, examination and assessment. We present the introduction of a portfolio into a technical programme in two subjects. Teaching here involves team and interdisciplinary work. The students welcome the changes related to evaluation, examination and assessment. Feedback is targeted. According to a qualitative analysis of the portfolio components, teachers face a number of dilemmas that are not only connected with a student’s personal .le but are indirectly or directly re.ected in it.

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