Distance Learning – Jump and Swim
Katarina Vinšek

Summary:  In this contribution, a personal recount of distance learning during the spring pandemic is described. The term distance learning was met for the first time then. It is necessary to state that distance learning still follows the curriculum and defined goals, the form of work, however, has changed. Lessons are not given in the classroom, but at home; the teacher does not stand in front of students, instead is seated behind the computer. Unfortunately the personal touch between the teacher and student as well as between students gets lost. Still, this personal touch is very important for the growing up children trying to take in new knowledge. Teachers, students and parents have found themselves in a new situation overnight and it had to be managed. The article is based on my personal experience as a teacher and mother of two elementary school children as well as an infant who had to stay at home with the kindergartens closing.

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