Pedagogy and homosexuality, or fooling children?
Mag. Maja Pan

Summary:  This article examines the experience and process of teaching children human rights, especially in relation to gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, with an emphasis on homophobia and gender-based discrimination, and violence. It describes the conceptual framework of workshops intended for both pupils and teachers in primary and secondary schools, which are realised through informal modes of education for the young and as part of the continuous learning process for pre-school teachers. The framework is based on feminist theories of gender (those of de Beauvoir, Brown, Butler, Bahovec, and Burcar). This article describes an original implementation by the author as an example of one of the several possible approaches to the topic, and illustrates those aspects relevant to individuals and the general public. By paraphrasing frequently asked questions (FAQs), the article examines the ideas and notions expressed by workshop participants and attempts to answer them. It presents the electronic learning material »Diversity makes us richer—not poorer« and shares experiences of its use. Finally, the article outlines the potential for the introduction of the above-mentioned issues and their role in the field of education through a discussion of the particular aims of educational institutions.

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