The importance of knowing the techniques of the behavioural learning theory for the possibility of qualitative teaching of constructivistically oriented teachers
Branka Ribič Hederih

Summary:  The constructivistic paradigm is ploughing its way into the Slovenian school system. Meanwhile, the applicable value of behavioural learning theories, which have been tested in practice and considerably spread, is being decreased intentionally or unintentionally. We are going to show the meaning of teacher’s knowledge of both theories. Since giving lessons is a complex activity, we should not exclude one ingredient because of another. In a class, there are pupils of different dispositions, experience and personal characteristics, which are directed by different levels of aspirations. Therefore, during pupils’ existence in the same place, specific social dynamics is created. Every teacher represents a qualitative part of these relations, dictated by concrete situations. We suppose that a constructivistically oriented teacher who knows certain techniques of behavioural theories has more possibilities for conducting qualitative lessons. The conclusions are derived from practical and theoretical findings.

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