How Good Are Slovenian Textbooks? Quality Indicators and Textbook Evaluation
Milena Košak Babuder, Irma Mavrič Gavez, Milena Ivanuš Grmek and Gregor Torkar

Summary:  An analysis of the quality of certified Slovenian textbooks for the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities was carried out with a pilot version of Textbook Quality Indicators (TQI), version 1.0, which was produced between 2018 and 2020 as part of the project For the Quality of Slovenian Textbooks. Thirty-one approved textbooks for primary and secondary schools were analyzed. The textbook analysis is divided into five themes of analysis: general and integrated structure, text format, text structure, language and writing style, and visual material and graphic illustrations. We found that, for most quality indicators, the textbooks analyzed are appropriate or mostly appropriate. In our findings, we highlight the most important areas for improvement. The general and integrated structure of the textbook and the text format offer the most opportunities for improvement. In the second part of the study, interviews were conducted with six selected teachers that conducted textbook evaluations using TQI. We found that they are satisfied with version of TQI produced. The teachers found that they became more attentive to some important features of textbooks during the evaluation, such as the background color of the text, the quality of the paper, the length of the sentences, and, above all, the overall character of the textbook. The results show that the content validity of the version of TQI produced is appropriate, but we cannot objectively define the extent to which all quality dimensions are covered by the indicators, thus allowing the possibility of further developing and improving the indicators submitted. TQI will support the national committee in approving textbooks, publishers in producing textbooks, and teachers in selecting textbooks and other teaching materials.

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