Analysis of Usefulness and Purpose of Multi-Subject Notebook in First Grade of Primary School
Urška Stanković Elesini, Nataša Pavla Qualizza, Tanja Hrkač, Andreja Absec, Barbara Luštek Preskar, Sanja Jedrinović and Raša Urbas

Summary:  Despite not much being written about notebooks, they crucially support the learning process. In the first grade of primary schools, teachers teach pupils responsibility and independence, including how to take care of notebooks (usu. four or more) and their use. The task might appear simple; however, it is not, as only few pupils use notebooks in their preschool period. We hypothesised that a notebook (one instead of three) with an appropriate degree of playfulness, diversity and contents variety could help motivate pupils in their work, offering aid in learning responsibility and independence. A multi-subject notebook with carefully planned contents was developed, adapted to the pupils’ developmental level and linked to the learning objectives. The user experience of the multi-subject notebook in the first grades of fifteen primary schools was tested. The results showed that the notebook is suitable for use in the first grade, that the characters, the story and the tasks of the notebook motivate pupils, that the design of the notebook enables a better organisation and overview of the subjects, while the tasks following the story encourage pupils’ creative enhancement and implementation with modern teaching methods.

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