The Role of National Assessment of Mathematical Performance
Daniel Doz, Mara Cotič and Darjo Felda

Summary:  The paper discusses the different roles of the national assessment. One of the roles can be seen in the assessment of pupils’ performance which is based on the comparison between the pupils’ performance and the expected standards in the curricula. Secondly, national assessment plays an important role by providing a general and clear picture of how the educational system works in a certain country. The results of national assessment tests can be used to directly or indirectly influence the teachers’ teaching practice by, for example, providing support, equipment, or resources to schools or developing, introducing, and evaluating school reforms which integrate curricular changes. Literature and studies in this area generally promote the application of national tests’ results for a gradual introduction and evaluation of changes in the educational system while the use of national assessment tests for directly enhancing teaching practice is not as common. In our paper, we present an alternative model in which we especially advocate a direct application of the results of national assessment of mathematical knowledge for enhancing the quality of teaching practice.

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