The development and the observation of the operating of the counselling services’ net
Mag. Tanja Bezić

Summary:  In the article, we present the results of the analysis carried out in 2007, in the frame of the project The Development and the observation of the operating of the counselling services’ net. We analysed the situation referring to employed counsellors in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as counsellors’ and headmasters’ opinions (primary schools, primary schools with kindergarten departments and secondary schools) about circumstances of counselling work. On the basis of findings, we suggest some systemic and organisational solutions, which might contribute to the modernisation of counselling services’ work and to the modernisation of their net’s operating. The analysis showed that besides suitable circumstances for qualitative counselling services, it is equally important to take into account not only the number of pupils and students, but also the contents of tasks, defined with law and conceptual documents, as well as their extent. Although the number of pupils and students in Slovene schools is decreasing, this does not mean that Slovene schools could do with fewer counsellors. Even an inconsiderate organisational change in the operating of these services could cause unpredictable consequences. This does not mean that we can consent to the existing state uncritically. It only means that every change of operating has to be always evaluated, mostly from the point of view of pupil’s and student’s advantages, but also from the point of view of the interior developmental power of a kindergarten and a school respectively.

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