Generalised Anxiety in Slovenian University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Anja Podlesek and Voyko Kavcic

Summary:  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused increased fears, worries and uncertainty worldwide, thus also increasing the potential for anxiety. Using an online survey conducted in April 2020 with a sample of Slovenian participants aged 18 and over, we collected data on generalised anxiety, neuroticism, psychosocial vulnerability, loss of perceived control and the impact of various difficulties encountered during the pandemic. This paper presents the results of 110 university students and compares these results with those of a non-student sample (n = 779). We found that students experienced higher levels of generalised anxiety, loss of perceived control and pandemic-related difficulties than non-students. Among students, generalised anxiety was positively associated with the perceived impact of pandemic- -related restrictions, loss of perceived control and neuroticism. This study sheds light on risk factors for generalised anxiety among students during the health crisis and shows possible directions for the development of preventive interventions.

Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies is
published with support of Slovenian Research Agency.