Distance Learning in Polish Secondary Schools: Students’ Opinions During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Izabela Kochan

Summary:  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the widespread implementation of physical distancing. According to data from UNESCO (2020), schools have been closed in 165 countries. Since 12 March 2020 in-person classes in schools throughout Poland have been suspended by the government. The Internet has always been under security threats, but has also enabled unparalleled access to information quickly. Thus, education has continued even in the face of such adversity. However, the teachers are confronted with many challenges and are constantly evaluated by their students. Herein, secondary school pupils’ opinions on the quality of distance learning in Poland are discussed. Based on these comments, the unpreparedness and sometimes unwillingness of instructors to switch to an effective online teaching mode has been underscored. Other factors of online learning, such as the impact of a lack of interpersonal relationships and the incongruity of digital resources among peers have had on education and student morale, emphasize the magnitude of the pandemic. Nonetheless, these unprecedented times have provided a catalyst to change the education system by broadening the use of online learning in the future.

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