The role of the pedagogue as a school counsellor in the educational iInstitution
Petra Gregorčič Mrvar and Metod Resman

Summary:  Abstract: The article presents the role of pedagogue as a school counsellor in the educational institution, that is, the role of an expert in analysing the implementation of the educational programmes as well as the work and processes taking place in preschools, schools and boarding schools. As an expert the pedagogue works in a variety of areas relating to the work of the school in general – ensuring quality educational work and processes – and to direct assistance for children and adolescents in learning and making progress in all developmental areas. The areas of its work and competences can be placed to the following four areas of expertise: the development of the educational institution as a whole; direct cooperation in the educational process; counselling and assistance for children, adolescents and parents; the development and co-creation of systemic solutions in education. Pedagogue areas of expertise and competences are also the factors of her/his professional identity development.

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