Competences of school pedagogues for school counselling
Mateja Ozvaldič

Summary:  Abstract: In this paper, we perform a theoretical and empirical analysis of the state of affairs in the field of school pedagogues’ competences for their work as school counselors. In the theoretical part of the paper the concept of competence is described, followed by the analysis of Croatian competence model for pedagogues. Competency of pedagogues depends on several factors, one of them being professional development. Therefore, professional development is described from the perspective of initial education of pedagogues. In the empirical research, presented in the second part of the paper, we were interested in how do pedagogues assess their own competence and what degree of importance they ascribe to particular competencies that are part of the competency model prepared Croatian pedagogue S. Staničić, dependent on whether they have attained their master’s degree in pedagogy at the University of Ljubljana or University of Maribor.

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