School counselling service, school pedagogue and the implementation of the concepts for recognizing the gifted and talented students and educational work with them
Tanja Bezić

Summary:  Abstract: In the article, we explain and approve the important role of the School Counselling Service for the successful implementation of the Concept of Recognizing and Educational work with Gifted and Talented students in the Elementary school and of the Concept of Educational work with the Gifted and Talented Students in the Secondary school. We put a special emphasis on the role of the school pedagogue. Our explanations and arguments are based on the analysis of the role and tasks of the Scholl Counselling Service, as they are defined in The School Counselling Services Guideline, in the mentioned concepts, and on the analysis of the specific professional competences of school pedagogue as they are defined in the master degree study programme at The University of Ljubljana. In the final discussion, we justify the need to change some systems frameworks for the operation of The School Counselling service. In this context, we highlight the employment standards and staffing solutions for more systematic interdisciplinary cooperation within the counselling service, at school as a whole, between schools and with the experts from other institutions. The proposed changes could contribute to a higher quality of the work of the school counselling service, also in the field of educational work with the gifted and talented students.

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