Primary school counselling in educational changes
Nataša Privošnik and Klara Urbanc

Summary:  Primary school counselling has been around for several decades. We can surely say that primary education is no longer imaginable without cooperation of counselling workers. All the workers that belong to the group of school counsellors; psychologist, social pedagogue and social worker, have become an integral part of educational system. The decision whether school social worker should be employed in the school is a matter of school authorities or those who assure the money but the decision of that kind should be the matter of an individual school. For what kind of worker the school will decide is a matter of the school needs and expectations (subjective factors). However the organization of counselling workers is more the matter of national politics (Office for school development). Nevertheless it is questionable whether the schools can be forced to employ a certain profi le because of the school district critera eventhough they do not see the realization of their expectaions in that particular profile.

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