External learning differentiation and motivation of pupils in elementary school
Mag. Tina Štemberger, dr. Milena Ivanuš Grmek and dr. Branka Čagran

Summary:  In the fi rst part of the article external learning differentiation in Slovenian school system and the connection of a differentiation with a motivation of pupils are presented. In the second part results of empirical research, which was used to estimate connection of external learning differentiation (setting model) with a motivation of pupils, who belonged to different groups with different diffi culty levels during Slovenian language, Mathematics and the English language lessons are presented. The results of the research show that pupils, who attend the highest level of diffi culty (3rd level) are also the most motivated for school work and pupils, who attend the 1st level of diffi culty are the least motivated. Therefore these differences between pupils call for creation of different - better conditions for pupils’ motivation.

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