Changes and responses of the influential participants of the renewed curricula in primary schools
Mag. Vanja Sorjan

Summary:  Unsuccessful curricula renovations (Razdevšek Pu~ko 2002) warn that in Slovene area there are frequent disconnections in objectives between the inner and the outer schoolenvironment. Changes which do not have the teachers’ support are always the changes for the worse. Using the case study (Sorjan 2006) I identify the responses in primary schools to the reasons for the curricula changes, the responses to the preparations of the implementation of the renewed curricula, and the encouragements and obstracles met during the implementation. Headmasters, teachers and parents are the key factors who infl uence the changes of the inner school environment and accelerate the solving of the basic disagreements and affect the changes in primary schools. This article can be a useful reading for those who want to connect the quality and the school tradition and who search for the answers to the questions about effi cient leading of the planned changes.

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