Educational Concept In Public School And The Question Of Violence
Sanja Berčnik

Summary:  In professional and broad public we often hear, that there is a rise in school violence and that children are no longer safe. Becouse school violence for some teenagers really is a part of a normal day, we can not ignore the question, what is the state doing about it and how are the schools dealing with it. In this text we . rst talk about diffrent de. nitions of school violence (bullying), which differ around emphasiseing the relationship between the victim and bully or empahisizing the context, in which violent act occured and second we look for resasons for violent behaviour. We mentione three major groups of risk factors: family, school and social. Violence takes an important place in schools becouse it opens questiones, which are not necessarelly connected with methods of teaching, with educational needs and the level of education. Becouse of the ground problems connected with school violence, most countries emphasise that schools have to deal with violence systematiclly and must coordinate some sort of a violence policy. We are interested to see, if these policies are connected with previously menitoned reasons.

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