The Principles of Transparency and Fairness of Grades Should Also Apply to a Descriptive Assessment
Dr. Janez Krek, dr. Mojca Kovač Šebart and dr. Janez Vogrinc

Summary:  The text presents key .ndings of two empirical surveys on descriptive assessment in the nine-year primary school and explains why the warnings they brings are still topical. It wonders how it would be possible to eliminate the de.ciencies discovered and gives the bases why the structured forms prepared by the National Education Institute in the 2005/2006 school year would be one of the most appropriate solutions. It connects this with the answers of teachers and parents to the question of what is a fair assessment. It .nds that they also mostly have views that correspond to the views of pupils on fairness in assessment determined in certain foreign surveys and that express the conviction that in knowledge assessment it is necessary to establish an objective assessment network formed by clear, transparent criteria and precise measurement procedures.

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