Older Learners in the Community? Provocative Reflections on the Situation of Older Adults in Portugal
António Fragoso Summary:

Summary:  Today, there is a trend to stress intergenerational solidarity as a main goal towards the well-being of older citizens in Europe. Official and research discourses point to the theoretical and practical advantages of such an approach as a way to build bridges between people, fighting loneliness and promoting social development. However, the focus on intergenerational solidarity seems too narrow to achieve these goals; there is a long history of community development and education that seems better tailored to guide our actions. After presenting a general picture of the situation of older learners in Portugal, we defend the importance of keeping older learners in the community, which should be the unit of life that would guide our actions as adult educators. Community development and education can provide an adequate way to improve the quality of life among the older adults, fighting back against the general trends that dispossess older learners from the community.

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