General education private schools in Slovenia from the past to the present
Edvard Protner

Summary:   In this article, we wish to contribute to the debate on the historical genesis of the private education system in Slovenia and, in particular, to the question of schools for general education. Our analysis begins with a presentation of existing private general education schools. This will be followed by a review of the private general education schools that were open between the two world wars and in the time of socialism. We have intentionally chosen not to present statistical data; instead, we discuss actual private schools that functioned in the region in that period. Discussing actual private schools enables us to present the characteristics of the private school system in Slovenia. One of the more outstanding facts is that the private general education schools established by the Catholic Church before World War II were almost exclusively meant for girls and young women. Also notable is that in Slovenia until 1992 and after Slovenia had achieved independence and the democratization of its society, no schools could be classified as an alternative private school.

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