Talent Thrives Only Where It Is Expected, Desired and Given a Lot of Pedagogical Care and Support: The Importance of Identifying and Working With Gifted Students
Jana Kalin

Summary:  This article discusses the development of the definition of gifted primary and secondary school children in Slovenia and the basic starting points and principles for working with them. It presents an integrated way of identifying and working with the gifted students both within regular educational work and through enrichment programmes and activities aimed at developing the potential of the gifted students. Attention is given to the characteristics of providing a stimulating environment for the development and learning of gifted pupils, the holistic development of the gifted, the possibilities of external ability grouping, flexible differentiation, and internal learning differentiation, as well as individualisation. The article confronts the contemporary solutions with the reflections and proposed solutions in the scientific legacy of Prof. Dr. France Strmčnik on these issues. In conclusion, it highlights some of the fundamental areas where it makes sense to strengthen efforts to better identify, discover and work with gifted learners, with a fundamental focus on teacher training, established collaboration between the school management, teachers and other professionals within the school as a learning community, and collaboration with other partners in the immediate and wider environment.

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