Jana Kalin and Damijan Štefanc

Summary:  This thematic issue of the Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies is dedicated to the scientific legacy of Dr. France Strmčnik, Professor Emeritus at the University of Ljubljana and the most prominent Slovenian theorist of didactics in the second half of the 20th century, who died on the last day of November a year ago. His scientific and professional work covered a number of diverse areas of pedagogy and didactics: from school punishment to programmed instruction and technology in education, from the problems of the unified primary school and teacher education to learning differentiation and individualisation and problembased learning. The authors of the articles discuss aspects of Strmčnik’s didactic legacy and its impact on Slovenian didactic theory and educational practice, both at the systemic and professional levels. Examining individual topics, they draw on his theoretical insights and professional views and enter into a dialogue with him from a contemporary perspective: they show how the chosen didactic field has developed in the decades since Professor Strmčnik wrote about it, to what extent his scientific views and professional endeavours have stood the test of time, in what way they have become established in educational system solutions and what their potential is for development in future didactic theory and practice.

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