The Policy of Schooling and Education During a Pandemic
Robi Kroflič

Summary:  The purpose of this paper is to analyze the policy of schooling in the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic in Slovenia in the light of medical trends in the medicalization of social life and educational- political ideas of narrowing education to the expectation of learning outcomes. Slovene educational policy is characterized by a denial of the awareness that distance learning has highlighted independent learning, and epidemiological measures envisaged for education follow the phenomenon of medicalization of society and often hinder school activities according to pedagogical principles. In addition, the dangers of transferring most pedagogical work to the use of ICT were insufficiently exposed. In the future, the replacement of the authoritarian paternalistic discourse of the authorities by addressing children / adolescents as responsible beings will also be decisive for quality pedagogical work and the success of prevention against the spread of Covid-19.

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