Integrative pedagogy and mentors‘ learning at the Slovenian Third Age University
Nives Ličen, Maja Mezgec and Matej Urbančič

Summary:  The paper describes the findings of a study of the learning of mentors working in the field of the education of older adults at the Slovenian Third Age University. The aim of the research was to analyse the characteristics of learning in the work environment in the context of non-formal education of older adults. The theoretical framework is formed by two mental models: the model of dialogic mentoring, which focuses on testing and searching, and the model of integrative pedagogy. The empirical part of the study was performed according to the principles of qualitative research using the methods of observation and interview. The data was gathered between 2017 and 2019. The findings of this research suggest that an innovative model of mentoring is being developed at the Slovenian Third Age University, which includes all the elements characteristic of integrative pedagogy.

Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies is
published with support of Slovenian Research Agency.