Potentials of the model of collaborative evaluation in developing the quality of the kindergarten practice in Serbia
Dragana Pavlović Breneselović and Živka Krnjaja

Summary:  The potentials of a collaborative model for evaluation of the quality building of the kindergarten practice are compared here with the external evaluation. Two dominant quality discourses are considered: the discourse of quality assurance and the discourse of quality building. Starting from the quality building discourse, we discuss the model of collaborative evaluation with its essential characteristics and possibilities for evaluation. We present an example of the implementation of the collaborative evaluation model within the pilot project, the new Preschool Curriculum Framework in Serbia. The results show how the space could be transformed through a collaborative evaluation. We point out comparative advantages of the model of collaborative evaluation vs. the dominating model of external quality evaluation in Serbia.

Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies is
published with support of Slovenian Research Agency.