Systematic approach for the successful implementation of practical training for students with disabilities and special educational needs in working process
Branka Jarc Kovačič and Branka Balantič

Summary:  More and more students with disabilities and special educational needs are entering into higher vocational education programs. This is a good thing, as equal access to education is one of the key indicators of a fair teaching system. This article begins by summarizing the practical education of students at the Higher Vocational College in School Center Kranj and skills that are gained during practical education. Special focus is put on challenges of inclusion of students with disabilities and special educational needs into working environments. Key factors that are important for the quality of practical education of students are identified and summarised in a SWOT analysis. This analysis is upgraded with a TOWS matrix, which at college represents a foundation for the formation of strategies. These will lead to higher work efficiency of all who work with students with disabilities and special educational needs. The main goal is to facilitate the entering into the labour market of students with disabilities and special educational needs.

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