Adult education – a factor of social development or a tool of economic success?
Sabina Jelenc Krašovec

Summary:   The paper deals with changes in the area of adult education, which are the result of political and economic influences. The neglect of systemic and socio-cultural questions have consequently weakened the field of adult education and reduced the sphere of activity to professional technicism; neoliberal ideology, namely, favors effectiveness, measurability and adaptability (of individuals, conditions, etc.), which assure profitability, at the price of welfare, culture and justice. In this paper, the balance between general and vocational/professional adult education is analyzed and it is ascertained that the balance is in favor of vocational adult education. The author postulates that the disproportion is the consequence of a strong influence of neoliberal politics on the field of adult education which results in improper social, cultural and economic societal development.

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