Discomfort and sexual orient ation diversity in school
Vida Vončina

Summary:  This paper addresses the pedagogical experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) youth in Slovene schools. It approaches the problem from several equality perspectives, and asks the question of what an appropriate response to this issue would look like both on the systemic level and on the level of the individual teacher. This research presents an integrative approach to inclusion focused on anti-homophobia in education as applied in Toronto, Canada, and it seeks to illuminate key elements of inclusion from the perspectives of Slovene LGBT youth. We interviewed youth to find out what school should be like in order for it to be a place of support and acceptance regarding their sexual orientation. A possible methodical approach is presented that draws on the idea of the pedagogy of discomfort—the collective process of reflecting on the values and beliefs participants hold. The paper concludes by offering the idea of third places as being appropriate starting grounds for setting equitable conditions for LGBT youth.

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