Creativity: Didactic Challenge of a Modern Teacher
Anna Kožuh

Summary:  The aim of this article is to discuss creativity against the backdrop of teachers’ didactic competency. It highlights the areas of mutual connections and dependencies. The text is an analysis designed to thoroughly discuss the essence of a creative attitude and to explore creativity as an essential element of effective teaching strategies. The discussed creativity in the teachers’ attitude is described primarily as an incessant search for better didactic solutions, facilitating the discovery of new learning opportunities and challenging the hitherto accepted assumptions of engaging with students. Thus, a leading trait of teachers’ creativity seems to be the ability to look for different ways of solving the same problem. When considering creativity among the didactic competencies of a teacher, a special attention needs to be paid to Renzulli’s evolving model of functioning of abilities, according to which abilities develop through the interaction of the following three factors: giftedness, motivation and creative thinking. These elements constitute the basis of teachers’ didactic activities. The model is approached through the lens of the Polish theoretical considerations respecting teachers’ creativity and its relations to other didactic competencies.

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