Education for Sustainable Mobility in the Case of the Project "Sustainable Mobility in Preschool and Primary Schools"
Marjeta Benčina, Špela Berlot Veselko, Katja Karba and Marko Peterlin

Summary:  Between 2018 and 2021, the project Sustainable Mobility in Kindergartens and Primary Schools was implemented in most primary schools and kindergartens in Slovenia. While there is almost no child or parent who is not aware of the importance of sustainable mobility, the share of those who live by its principles is still low. In the introduction, we present basic information about the project and answer the following questions: why education for sustainable mobility is important; what problems does it solve; what is the role of kindergartens and schools in its implementation. The article than describes the activities and results within the project, followed by a description of the resulting materials that ensure the sustainability of the project and its multiplicative effects. Finally, the article addresses the role of educational institutions, local communities, relevant ministries and other institutions in education for sustainable mobility and in providing appropriate conditions for its implementation, both through legislation and infrastructure regulation.

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