The impact of international integration on project work in mechatronics Education
Robert Ojsteršek and Matej Veber

Summary:  International integration in project work is becoming increasingly more important in today’s primary schools, secondary schools and universities. With openness to international integration, the world can become a better place to live. In this manuscript, we propose the introduction of a project work for the purpose of teaching mechatronics in the Slovenian educational system. The approach is based on team work and the promotion of students’ internal motivations. We want to stimulate a higher-level understanding of new information, independent development and deeper knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine vision and virtual reality. The research work is carried out with the cooperation of the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Media, the School Centre Celje and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor. We are particularly interested in the influence of international integration and the project work approach in the education of students in the secondary technical education program for mechatronics technicians. The manuscript presents positive impacts on students participating in the project team as a result of the project work implementation and international integration.

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