Rethinking research education in globalised times: Perspectives of European post-doctoral fellows
Ewelina Niemczyk

Summary:  In today’s globalised society, European universities have intensified their building of research capacity and development of competent researchers. The rapidly changing research environment driven by internationalisation, marketisation, technological advancements and innovative forms of research calls for not only competent but also globally competent researchers. However, there have been few explorations of the development of globally competent researchers. Even less is understood about educational practices and spaces that promote or prevent acquisition of the research competencies that are necessary to conduct research across disciplines and borders. In order to address the existing gap in the literature, this article explores the perspectives of eight European post-doctoral fellows. The results showcase knowledge and competencies that globally competent researchers require to conduct quality research. In addition, the results call attention to educational opportunities associated with the acquisition of these competencies in higher education institutions. The findings reveal the need to rethink current research education opportunities. Attention must be paid to (a) enhanced preparation of competent researchers in a globalised world and (b) the challenges limiting the development of future researchers. Although the findings of this study cannot be generalised across Europe, they are informative for a wide audience, including established researchers, novice researchers and research management.

Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies is
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