Terminology and newspeak in education (Editorial)
Igor Bijuklič and Sabina Autor

Summary:  What the reader finds in front of herself or himself is a new thematic issue of the Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies, which addresses the issue of terminology and (new) concepts in education. The ambition of this issue is not to provide a detailed overview of the current state of the art as this would be beyond the limits of the time and space available here, but above all to consider the issue of terminology, and thus of concepts and new language, which is in itself important for research and action in education. Alongside pedagogy, other humanities, social sciences and disciplines (such as sociology, philosophy, psychology) and, with the development of technology, natural sciences and engineering are entering the field of education. However, education is shaped and developed not only by science, but also by practice and, ultimately, by education policies. In short, education is characterised by a marked interdisciplinarity and heterogeneity and, consequently, by a multiplicity of concepts and terminologies.

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