Mindfulness: Analysis From the Viewpoint of the Pedagogical Discourse and the Ideological (Re)Establishing of the Modern Pedagogical Field
Vesna Pobežin Roš

Summary:  This article deals with a general shift in contemporary pedagogical discourse, focusing in particular on the shifts in conceiving discipline and attention in relation of the individual to common superior pre-existing social structures, and the expression of these shifts in schooling. For illustration and demonstration of these changes the notion of mindfulness is examined, such as it is increasingly used in education and schooling. In order to establish an appropriate conceptual background Levi- Strauss‘s essay on the creative child is briefly discussed. The article then considers the contemporary notion of mindfulness as it is most commonly presented and discussed especially in the pedagogical field. The analysis tries to show how this notion and its usage in the contemporary education can, far from changing it, only reflect and perpetuate the predominant discourse and its ideological tendencies.

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