The Relationship Between Education Policy and the Pedagogical Profession During the Coronavirus Epidemic
Katja Černe and Janja Antić

Summary:  This article discusses some characteristics of the relationship between education policy and the pedagogical profession during the period of suspension of the educational process in educational institutions, lasting from March 2020 until the end of the school year in June. First, certain views on the relationship and cooperation of education policy and the pedagogical profession in prior periods are presented. Next, the professional dilemmas concerning justifications of the recommendations and the involvement of professionals in the preparation of documents are highlighted through the analysis of key formal documents which directed the distance learning process and the reopening of elementary schools. Following is a presentation of the results of a qualitative empirical research, which includes interviews with three educational experts who specialize in education at different institutions. We found that all participating experts emphasise the importance of cooperation between education policy and profession in finding and implementing solutions, and that they believe this to be key in ensuring a quality educational process. At the same time, the participants assess that this cooperation was not sufficient and adequate during the spring period of the closing of educational institutions.

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