The Characteristics of Self-Regulated Learning of University Students in Distance Education During the COVID-19 Epidemic
Urška Žerak, Neža Podlogar, Amela Lišić, Lana Lavrih, Nina Fricelj and Mojca Juriševič

Summary:  Self-regulated learning is particularly important in coping with the Covid-19 epidemic, as it influences the success of dealing with these experiences and the academic achievement of students. The focus of the present study was therefore to investigate self-regulated learning of students (N = 337), their perception of distance education, and factors related to the quality of study under changed conditions during the epidemic. The results showed that students in distance learning most often use strategies to structure the environment and set goals. A more constructive experience of the exceptional situation was associated with a positive life perspective and a better perception of distance learning by students. The results suggest that self-regulating learning strategies were an important factor in distance learning during Covid-19. The role of academic staff is particularly important as they guide and support students to optimal self-regulated learning through adapted distance learning.

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