Study on Adult Education During COVID-19 – Experiences for the Way Forward
Tanja Možina, Sonja Klemenčič and Marko Radovan

Summary:  In the paper, we present the results of the evaluation study carried out at the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education during the pandemic Covid-19 on the introduction of distance learning. The purpose of the study was to find out how distance education was implemented in the educational institutions during the pandemic: whether all institutions had offered this education, what problems they had encountered and what support they needed. The results showed that educational organizations providing adult education organized distance learning during Covid-19 to ensure that adults could continue and complete their education. However, this is not the case for all types of adult education. The main reasons given by respondents for not providing all educational programs can be divided into internal and external reasons. An analysis of the problems faced by providers and the support needed has shown that action is needed to remove obstacles to the future provision of distance learning for adults.

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