Reflections on the Relationship Between Formative and Summative Assessment
Damijan Štefanc and Mojca K. Šebart

Summary:  In this paper, we address the problem of formative assessment in general compulsory education, first presenting the concept of formative assessment before moving into its historical development and key theoretical and terminological issues. In the second part of the paper, we address critical insights into the concept, particularly from the perspective of recent tendencies towards the learnification of education and instruction. In addition, we point to critiques of formative assessment vis-à-vis the key aims and goals of general education. The final part of the paper deals with issues in the relationship between formative and summative assessment, given the clear message from some Slovenian authors that formative assessment should at least partially take over the functions of summative assessments. We argue that these intentions could lead to unintentional educational and didactic consequences.

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