A pedagogue’s role in collaborating with the class teacher and the class community
Jana Kalin

Summary:  Abstract: The article discusses the role of a pedagogue in the process of collaboration with the class teacher and the class community as it is defined in two documents: the Programme guidelines for the class teacher assembly and the class community and the Programme guidelines for school counsellors. We were especially interested in the possibilities and preconditions for interpersonal collaboration when resolving questions connected with formation of the class community and planning the coursework. As well as in the fundamental care a classroom teacher intends for the personal development of every individual and the classroom climate as a whole, which also influences the institutional climate. The class teacher performs his/her tasks in cooperation with the entire class community, but also with individual students, their parents, colleagues and others. This brings forward questions of how to achieve the quality of collaboration and of how to successfully build partnership relations between individuals, which include interpersonal trust, high professionalism at work and respect of each other’s jurisdiction/responsibilities. The process of collaboration benefits both the class community (and its individual members) and the pedagogue, who can get to know the students better and acquaints them with her/his work and mission in the areas of preventative, developmental and remedial activities.

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