Solution focused approach: solution focused brief therapy and coaching as a different style of problem solving paradigm
Adrijana Biba Rebolj

Summary:  The article discusses Solution Focused approach - a different paradigm in resolving personal or professional issues. Originating from constructivistic, poststructuralistic, fenomenological and humanistic theoretical foundations as well as empirical backgrounds since the end of 1980’s, it turns upside down the mainstream problem solving methods. It argues, that in order to find a solution, one does not have to dig deep into the problem. Further, it transforms the relationship between the one that grants help and support (for example a therapist, teacher, headmaster) and the other that’s in need of help (a client, student or a teacher) in terms that the expert position is granted to the latter. The Solution Focused approach comprises much potential and can bring many benefits to various educational settings. An example of such impact is presented in a Slovenian project »Solution Focused Coaching«.

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