Translating an educational term to english and an example of comparative Education
dr. Klara Skubic Ermenc

Summary:  This article discusses the issue of translating an educational term into the English language. Translating certain educational terms from Slovenian to English is difficult because of differences in research and academic traditions between the two languages. These translation challenges are further worsened by Anglicization in the academic and research fields, such that educators often connect issues on translation with issues on the identity of their science. By analyzing the identity of education, the author forms an opinion on translating educational terms, which she further analyzes for the field of comparative education. As an educational discipline in Slovenia, comparative education does not have a long tradition. Moreover, due to its interdisciplinary design it is even more interesting as regards translation. In particular, comparative education has become relevant to education in its last period of development because it has been shifting from comparative research on systemic and school and political issues to comparative research on educational practices.

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