Significance and possibilities of school grounds usage in the education process
Ina Šuklje Erjavec

Summary:  The paper discusses the concept and the phenomenon of school grounds and its characteristics. It uses different aspects to describe the importance and need of its active involvement in the schools educational processes. Special attention is focused on explanation and understanding of consequences associated with the character of the schools work and the benefits the outdoor space offers compared with the internal classrooms, such as opportunities to learn through play, more frequent and active contact with nature, encouraging social interactions and cooperation, comprehensive development of personal and common attitudes, values and identity and, obtaining positive experience with quality of life in the open space. The paper is based on a number of findings and results of foreign studies and examples, proving that possibilities and advantages of the transfer of school activities in open space are very large and important for the school as a whole. With some national studies that highlight the state in our country, we are further substantiating the necessity of change in the view and approach to the school grounds and opening a new area of thinking and understanding the possible role of it as an added value.  

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