Secondary School Students’ Assessment of Critical Literacy in a Multimedia Environment
Vesna Bilić

Summary:  The aim of this paper is to analyze the critical literacy assessment of grammar school students in a multimedia environment. The research was conducted among 210 students from several grammar schools in Zagreb. According to the research participants’ assessments, the abundance of information offered by the media and their accessibility makes learning easier. While academic information from books and textbooks is considered reliable, information found on the Internet is only moderately trusted by grammar school students. The participants reported that media content significantly influences the development of their perception of the world. The student participants found that, during their schooling, they are inadequately prepared for the critical assessment of academic information, media content, and concrete action for the benefit of others, all of which are considered important aims of education. However, their assessment may in itself lead to the conclusion that the students recognize and perceive problems, and that their critical literacy is comparatively high.

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