Models and strategies for working with pupils with learning difficulties – impact on changes in teaching practice
Dr. Marija Kavkler

Summary:  The success of implementation of Concept of working with pupils with learning difficulties in primary school depends on inclusive education and therefore presents the core concept of efficient treatment of pupils with learning difficulties. There can not be inclusive education for pupils with learning difficulties without the adaptation of teaching and education methods, teaching tools, evaluations and support to both pupil and teacher in the class. All these can be achieved through the implementation of the systemic approach of inclusive education. If subsystems work properly, an efficient system is made that can successfully support all pupils especially those with learning difficulties. When dealing with a pupil with learning difficulties we must consider his biological, social-emotional and educational special needs. Special needs of pupils with learning diffi culties call for adjusted learning environment. A teacher has the most important role in providing adapted and motivating learning environment. They have to use strategies of good teaching practice on all levels of a 5-step model of learning support for pupils. The 5-step model of support is based on continuum of learning difficulties, continuum of forms of support for pupils and teacher. This article presents some strategies that are implemented on individual steps of this model.

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