It Is Never Too Late for Thorough Contemplation of the Usefulness of the Assessment Doctrine ‘Self-evaluation and Self-assessment’ in Arts Classes
Marjan Prevodnik

Summary:  It is more than obvious that mainstream assessment doctrine/paradigm from the past nineties, as said in the title, has avoided Slovenian Art Pedagogy. The author would like to . ll the gap with some passages and quotes from the theory of this paradigm as published in Slovenia from 1991 onward. One chapter includes extracts from art pedagogy texts of different western countries which focus on this paradigm. The content of the article could be of interest for many Slovenian teachers of art education and, because it gives some introductory data about applicability of one »paradigm research«, in the school practice. Teachers usually prefer researches with this possibility to those which are of no use in art classroom.

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