The Pedagogical Competences of Teachers of Theoretical Music Subjects in Croatia
Zrinka Barić and Jasna Šulentić Begić

Summary:  Theoretical music subjects are present at all levels of the music school system. Their purpose is to provide the knowledge necessary for learning and mastering the language of music and improving one’s overall understanding. Selecting appropriate teaching methods, procedures and strategies for the function and nature of theoretical music subjects primarily depend on a teacher’s training and readiness to improve the educational process. This research, conducted during the second semester of 2018/2019, investigated the pedagogical competences of 101 teachers of theoretical music subjects in primary and secondary music schools located throughout seventeen counties in the Republic of Croatia. By conducting quantitative research, the results showed that teachers rated their pedagogical competence very highly. However, the results also showed that teachers expressed the need for personal and professional development; that is, advancement in teaching. It was also noticeable that the importance of maintaining quality relationships with students and supporting them increases with years of work experience, which indicates developed personal competences.

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