Older workers training in Slovenia – PIAAC survey results
Sabina Jelenc Krašovec

Summary:  In the paper we deal with the education and training of older workers in Slovenia and certain other selected contries. The level of employment of older workers (55+) in Slovenia raised to 35,4% (in 2014), but is still much lower than in the EU in general (51,5%). Although the data do not show the connectedness of age and productivity, older workers comprise one of the most vulnerable groups in the labour market. Research results show that in Slovenia the impact of educational level is greater than age of older workers. Less educated older workers retire sooner, are mostly not involved in workplace training (or are involved only because it is obligaory), and are not a source of information and help in the workplace. In Slovenia, the involvement of older workers (particularly those less educaated) should be changed on the level of policy as well as on the level of employers, and we should focus more attention on furthering the education of low-educated workers.

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